Call Wall is a web based real time wallboard and business metric display application. Used primarily by call center’s to display key statistical information pertaining to groups and agents. Whether this information is stored in CISCO UCCX, Avaya, SAP, Flat files or almost any database engine, Call Wall can collect key data from all the above systems and clearly display it in an easy to read and understand dashboard.

These easy to build and configurable dashboards are completely customizable, right from the basic look and feel, to alerts, notifications and colour changes when the data reaches specified thresholds.

With Call Wall you can create basic tables, grids, graphs, conditional image swapping, display other hosted content via iFrames, standard copy with animations, percentage bars and dynamic tab areas.

By using configurable refresh rates for specific data entities and stripped down HTML, Call Wall enables lightweight and low bandwidth data display in real time that won’t affect your network but will keep your staff informed at all times.